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Golf Fitness Magazine has had an incredible response from the Golf Fitness Industry and from our readers alike. Here is what some of our advertisers & readers have said about us....

“Awesome first issue! You set the bar high.” Marc White-PGA Supervisor of Instruction Oakhurst, Clarkston, MI.

“I just received your magazine-Congratulations! I’m so happy to support your initiative to help golfers play better, play longer, and enjoy the game more.” KATHERINE ROBERTS - Founder and President, Yoga for Golfers, ESPN Golf Schools Fitness Coach, & Golf Channel Fitness Expert.

“This is an attractive magazine, we knew people would want to read it.  When we restocked over 100 racks in Central Florida, there were only a few left at a handful of locations.  This is a testament to how well the magazine was received.” Carmen Navarro, CC Florida Distribution.

“Congratulations on GFM! I LOVED the entire magazine!”—Alan Smith, Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, Harrisburg, North Carolina.

“Such a classy publication with tons of great articles” Ken Pierce -  Golf Gym

“ It’s a COVER to COVER read—GREAT JOB!” Marketing Director, Shands Spine Institute, Jacksonville, FL

“We have had new players on the course, new club fittings and new club purchases as a result of our ad and article”  Eastwood Golf Club

“GREAT ARTICLES!”—Chris Ownbey, Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Instructor. Carrollton, Texas.

“We have already had 10 new patients as a result of our full page ad”  Dr. David Poole.

Exposing your business to our readers will take your sales right from the fairway to the green.
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