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Pilates Myths Debunked

Adding Pilates to a golf conditioning program has become routine for many professional and amateur golfers.  Tiger, Butch Harmon and Camilo Villegas, have all been quoted in the media talking about the positive impact Pilates training has had on their swing.  Yet, despite the glowing reviews, many golfers are still hesitant to try Pilates.

The Basics of Stretching Your Back

One of the greatest gifts I receive in my line of work is the ability to spread the word of the benefits of health, wellness and peak performance - on and off the course.

Strenghten Your Swing

 A Perfectly executed golf swing may be the single action in sport that requires more overall muscular strength, joint flexibility, and movement coordination. Therefore better golf begins with fitness habits that will develop increased flexibility, strength and endurance.

Pilates and Golf

Pilates is one of the most popular exercises of choice these days. Madonna does it, Jason Kidd does it, and you may have heard that Tiger and Annika do it. It is documented that Camilo Villegas does it . . .

Hard Work And Dedication

There is not one lead-in that justly describes the amount of work and determination Carl Paulson, PGA Tour professional, has been doing since we first introduced you to his situation in our Spring 2007 issue.

Women: Get Stronger To Hit Longer

Having participated in the final rounds of the “World” and “National Long Drive Contests” on three occasions (as well as at numerous qualifiers), I have learned quite a bit about the elements that go into hitting long drives. With that in mind, my observations led me to believe..

Vitamins and Supplements for Golfers

Can we as golfers improve our performance by adding nutritional supplements to our daily routine? The answer is “Yes.” Diego and I will share with you what research has proven to be the best supplements to..

What You Need to Know About Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive techniques have gained so much attention in the last several years and yet more often than not most patients really don’t understand the good, bad and ugly when making their own treatment decisions. Bottom line..

Women: Improve Golf Performance

Everything else being equal, a woman cannot drive a golf ball for more distance than a man can, because of one primary reason. Men are stronger and more powerful than women are.
Strength and power are intricately related to successful Golf, for both men and women. Power is one factor of muscle contraction that directly relates to speed-of movement and strength.

Why Do Golf Fitness?

Very often we hear about the importance of being fit, especially now that the New Year is upon us. Of course being fit will help us achieve a richer and more rewarding existence. We reduce our risk of heart disease and related illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes and we generally feel better mentally.

Hydration - Surviving the Summer Sweat

You have heard it all before….drink while you are on the course.  But did you know that your game can actually suffer considerably with just minor levels of dehydration?

Pro Seeking Pro

Competitive, determined and talented, just a few words one thinks of when talking to PGA tour player and Central Florida resident Carl Paulson.  This native Virginian that turned pro in 1994, has switched his determination on the golf course and replaced it with his determination in the office—not any office however, a medical office in which he works every day with doctors and physical therapists in hopes of returning to the tour in 2007and utilizing his talent and competitive edge.

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