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Why Golf Fitness Magazine?

According to the latest research, the 25 million golfers in the U.S. have the following characteristics…
  • 70% of these players are ailing from or playing with an injury.
  • 60% cannot physically make the proper body movement that will allow a mechanically correct swing. 
  • The remaining 40% of this group that already possess the physical ability, would be interested in gaining more yards, more control, more endurance, and becoming properly conditioned to play safer and longer.
  • No less than 35% are already avid with their fitness, health & wellness.  Research suggests that the remaining group of golfers, when introduced and educated about the topic, they will want to participate in it too.

Fortunately for everyone who plays the game, golf-specific fitness can be simple and easily implemented when properly understood.  

Golf Fitness Magazine is the exclusive publication dedicated to providing information on these topics, and it will be our MISSION to RAISE the LEVEL of AWARENESS of golf-specific fitness, mental focus, and overall health among all golfers .

As the level of awareness rises, so does the percentage of golfers taking up the game, getting back into the game, and ultimately staying in the game longer…

What does this mean for the Golf Industry? It ensures more sales of all golf related products and services now and for years to come.

What does this mean for the Health & Wellness Industry?
  It means you now have a medium that allows you to capture a highly targeted and refined demographic of golfers in a very cost efficient manner.

What does this mean for everyone?

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